Wher e to Go For Relationship Tips

Is there anyone you can ask for relationship tips? Most people have a close friends that they can rely on and can ask for help about when they are falling in love or have already has a partner and is having problems.

For example, if you have two friends that you can trust and like to talk to and ask them on there own opinion and one of them has been single for a long period of time they may give you advice on how there relationships have gone in the past, and if you ask the other one who is having problems in there relationship they will give you a totally different view.

Everyone in the world prefers to hear what they want to hear like everything there doing right in a relationship no one likes to be wrong or being told they are doing something wrong. A true friend of yours may be that good of a friend and tell you what is wrong in your relationship because all they want is the best for you, If you have been in a relationship for a long time and your partner starts to act different you may go to your friends for relationship tips.

If you have a friend who is having a tough time recently and you just want someone to talk to and you choose to talk to them then they may give you a totally different view which may not help your relationship in anyway or even make things worse. If your friend does not take relationships seriously and thinks its best for themselves to be single then they may try and ruin yours. Your friend would not be doing this in a way for you to get hurt or upset they will be doing it out of there heart as true friends. This friend who you may be asking may be only giving you advice in previous relationship of there own that has gone down the drain.

If, however you are asking a friend who’s relationship is going really well and has been for a long time then they might give you relationship tips and save your relationship. But also this friend who is having a great time in his/her relationship will also give you views on there previous or present relationship.

Also many couples go to counseling so that they can get relationship tips from another person who is trained in talking about relationships and is there to help. And again counseling relationship tips from these people you can benefit greatly. If you are going through a bad patch while married and go to a counselor they may be someone who does not believe in divorce then they will give you a totally different opinion then someone who is a bit more casual about divorce.

To get the best relationship tips you may see a couple very often and see that there relationship is always going well and try to cope some of the things they do together. By asking this person they will also give you advice in how there relationship is going and what they say you may want your relationship exactly like she is describing it. You are probably better off not asking someone who has suffered bad relationships as they will just give you all the stuff that they themselves in past relationships. We also will probably go to someone who tells you what you want to hear.