Top 5 Relationship Tips Beyond the Dating Honeymoon

The first stages of dating and romance can be like a whirlwind of romance which seems difficult to maintain. When you’re dating, some things are taken for granted like politeness, kindness and passion, but over time these can steadily erode if you don’t make an effort to keep high standards. Here are the top 5 relationship tips to keep the passion alive beyond the dating honeymoon.

1) Be kind

The concept of kindness stretches across many areas of your relationship. It can mean giving thoughtful gifts to your partner or it can be as simple as making them a cup of tea when you can tell they need one. Above all, it is about making their needs a priority and acting on them as if they were your own.

2) Communicate… in the right way

Many people say that the idiosyncratic habits they loved about their partner when first dating them are the very things they start to grate over time. Over the years it is easy to let small irritations become big ones until they are completely out of proportion. Good communication should eradicate such problems, but it’s important to approach it in the right way.

Instead of accusing your partner of their perceived inadequacies, which will make them feel defensive, try to explain issues from your point of view and show how much you would appreciate their co-operation. For example, instead of saying ‘You never do the washing up’, say: ‘It would be great if you could help me do the washing up.’ This small change in tone is often the difference between a frustrating row and a peaceful acquiescence.

3) Be polite

It seems obvious that being polite to someone will help a relationship survive at the early stages of dating and romance. However, many people slip into bad habits with partners when they have been together for a long time, thinking that it’s no longer necessary to treat them with the courtesy they would extend in the early stages of dating or even to strangers. In fact, it is just as important, if not more important, to be polite in a long-term relationship.

4) Passion

Passion can wane in a long-term relationship, but it doesn’t have to! In fact, most relationships have highs and lows when it comes to passion, but there are plenty of things you can do to raise the passion stakes. Think about how much you flirted with one another when you were dating, and how much of an effort you made to get ready for those first few dates. There’s really no reason to drop those dating standards as time goes on.

5) Make time to be together

The dating process essentially ensures you are spending a certain amount of quality time together, whether that entails going out for a meal at a swanky restaurant every so often or taking a romantic walk in the park. The important thing is, when you’re dating, you’re giving each other your time. In a long-term relationship, that quality time can quickly dissolve with seemingly endless household chores and less romantic TV marathons to relax. Making time to go out together or to sit down for a top-notch dinner together with no distractions at least once a week is vital to maintain a healthy relationship.