Relationship Tips Which Will Prevent Your Spouse From Divorcing You

Are you and your spouse on the verge of breaking up? Do you argue all the time and does it seem as if you just can’t work things out no matter how hard you try? Do you love your spouse a lot, but they tell you they don’t love you anymore?

If you want to prevent a divorce, all you need are these 3 relationship tips:

Step #1: Know where everything is going wrong
Unless you know this, the same things will keep occurring again and again, and nothing will be solved. Thus, you need to know where everything is going wrong.

BUT, you need to know that the arguments are not what is wrong, but rather what you are arguing about IS the issue. Look at all the arguments and see where they started and what they are about.

More likely than not, a lot of your current arguments seem to start for no reason, but this is because your spouse is annoyed with your bad habits, and psychologically, they link you to the pain from the past.

This means that you should dig deeper into the past and look at the past arguments rather than the most recent ones, because the past ones will tell you exactly what is going wrong, and they will also tell you what it was that your spouse was asking of you.

Step #2: Know why things are going wrong
The next step is to understand the reasons behind the problems. For instance, you are arguing a lot, and just can’t seem to get along. Is this because you don’t listen, or always break his/her trust by lying?

Is it because you are lazy, or maybe because you are too busy with work and don’t spend enough time with your spouse? Does your spouse feel insignificant because you never compliment them enough or in the right way?

You see, when you understand what is going wrong, and then learn WHY things are not working out, you can then stop the issue and can quit doing the things that make your spouse feel as if it’s not going to work out.

Step #3: The key to stopping your divorce is ACTION
Finally, now that you understand where everything is going wrong, and why, you need to take action. This means that you need to start doing the things your partner was asking you to do.

Once you do, he/she will feel a lot better, and will feel understood and the arguments will die out. BUT, if you don’t take action, the arguments will get worse and your spouse will most definitely divorce you.