Long Distance Relationship Tips


Entering into a long distance relationship won’t be easy, there’s simply no easy way to put it. It requires incredibly strong trust and commitment by both parties, the following long distance relationship tips will help immensely.

If you and your partner have strong enough feelings for each other it is very possible to make the relationship work. These 5 tips will help.

1. You will need to set guidelines and rules.

Studies have proven that couples that don’t set guidelines and rules are 70% more likely to break up within six months. Setting parameters to guide your distance relationship is extremely important, things like not dating other people, communicating daily and agreeing to see each other in person a minimum of every 8 to 9 weeks.

2. Expressing your feelings is a must.

Being able to express your feelings to your partner via email or phone is important, if your relationship is to grow and be stable. Reassuring your commitment to your partner is a great way to add stability to your relationship. Expressing your feelings will let your partner know how hard you are trying to make the relationship work.

3. Send little care packages.

A great idea is to send a small package now and then. Put special things in there that you have both enjoyed together, it could be a cd of an artist you both like or sweets that you both love, just small reminders of home. Make the package very personalised by including pictures of yourself and even poems you have written about your love for your partner. Maybe buy a gift certificate from the area your partner is living, have the shop mail it to you and include it in the package, things like this will have a huge impact as your partner will realise how much effort you went to.

4. Never assume anything.

Try to be clear about your relationship with each other, don’t assume that you long distance partner knows your feelings, its healthy to share feelings, the good and the bad ones. Make sure your clear about your relationship and where it’s going. Assumptions will hinder a relationship, whilst clear communication will help your love grow stronger.

5. Trusting each other is vital.

Lack of trust is a major concern for long distance relationships. Not knowing where your partner is and what he or she is doing will send you crazy. This is where trust and honesty plays a major role, can you trust your partner? Do they trust you? Do they love you enough to make this work? All these questions need to be answered with utmost honesty if this relationship is to survive.