Relationship Tips Which Will Prevent Your Spouse From Divorcing You

Are you and your spouse on the verge of breaking up? Do you argue all the time and does it seem as if you just can’t work things out no matter how hard you try? Do you love your spouse a lot, but they tell you they don’t love you anymore?

If you want to prevent a divorce, all you need are these 3 relationship tips:

Step #1: Know where everything is going wrong
Unless you know this, the same things will keep occurring again and again, and nothing will be solved. Thus, you need to know where everything is going wrong.

BUT, you need to know that the arguments are not what is wrong, but rather what you are arguing about IS the issue. Look at all the arguments and see where they started and what they are about.

More likely than not, a lot of your current arguments seem to start for no reason, but this is because your spouse is annoyed with your bad habits, and psychologically, they link you to the pain from the past.

This means that you should dig deeper into the past and look at the past arguments rather than the most recent ones, because the past ones will tell you exactly what is going wrong, and they will also tell you what it was that your spouse was asking of you.

Step #2: Know why things are going wrong
The next step is to understand the reasons behind the problems. For instance, you are arguing a lot, and just can’t seem to get along. Is this because you don’t listen, or always break his/her trust by lying?

Is it because you are lazy, or maybe because you are too busy with work and don’t spend enough time with your spouse? Does your spouse feel insignificant because you never compliment them enough or in the right way?

You see, when you understand what is going wrong, and then learn WHY things are not working out, you can then stop the issue and can quit doing the things that make your spouse feel as if it’s not going to work out.

Step #3: The key to stopping your divorce is ACTION
Finally, now that you understand where everything is going wrong, and why, you need to take action. This means that you need to start doing the things your partner was asking you to do.

Once you do, he/she will feel a lot better, and will feel understood and the arguments will die out. BUT, if you don’t take action, the arguments will get worse and your spouse will most definitely divorce you.


Top 5 Relationship Tips Beyond the Dating Honeymoon

The first stages of dating and romance can be like a whirlwind of romance which seems difficult to maintain. When you’re dating, some things are taken for granted like politeness, kindness and passion, but over time these can steadily erode if you don’t make an effort to keep high standards. Here are the top 5 relationship tips to keep the passion alive beyond the dating honeymoon.

1) Be kind

The concept of kindness stretches across many areas of your relationship. It can mean giving thoughtful gifts to your partner or it can be as simple as making them a cup of tea when you can tell they need one. Above all, it is about making their needs a priority and acting on them as if they were your own.

2) Communicate… in the right way

Many people say that the idiosyncratic habits they loved about their partner when first dating them are the very things they start to grate over time. Over the years it is easy to let small irritations become big ones until they are completely out of proportion. Good communication should eradicate such problems, but it’s important to approach it in the right way.

Instead of accusing your partner of their perceived inadequacies, which will make them feel defensive, try to explain issues from your point of view and show how much you would appreciate their co-operation. For example, instead of saying ‘You never do the washing up’, say: ‘It would be great if you could help me do the washing up.’ This small change in tone is often the difference between a frustrating row and a peaceful acquiescence.

3) Be polite

It seems obvious that being polite to someone will help a relationship survive at the early stages of dating and romance. However, many people slip into bad habits with partners when they have been together for a long time, thinking that it’s no longer necessary to treat them with the courtesy they would extend in the early stages of dating or even to strangers. In fact, it is just as important, if not more important, to be polite in a long-term relationship.

4) Passion

Passion can wane in a long-term relationship, but it doesn’t have to! In fact, most relationships have highs and lows when it comes to passion, but there are plenty of things you can do to raise the passion stakes. Think about how much you flirted with one another when you were dating, and how much of an effort you made to get ready for those first few dates. There’s really no reason to drop those dating standards as time goes on.

5) Make time to be together

The dating process essentially ensures you are spending a certain amount of quality time together, whether that entails going out for a meal at a swanky restaurant every so often or taking a romantic walk in the park. The important thing is, when you’re dating, you’re giving each other your time. In a long-term relationship, that quality time can quickly dissolve with seemingly endless household chores and less romantic TV marathons to relax. Making time to go out together or to sit down for a top-notch dinner together with no distractions at least once a week is vital to maintain a healthy relationship.


The Law of Attraction Relationships Tips

If you have heard of the Law of Attraction you will know that many people will use it to improve their financial position and their lifestyle. However many people also use this law to help them in their relationships. Not only can this technique help you to find the person of your dreams it can help you to move forward in your relationship and be incredibly happy. Here for anyone that needs them are the Law of Attraction relationships tips.

1. Make sure you know what you are looking for. When using these relationships tips you need to have a clear idea of the type of person you are looking for. This does not mean what they look like physically it means what they are like on an emotional and spiritual level. Once you have clarified this in your mind you can move onto the next stage.

2. Allow yourself to be open to any new relationships that might form. When you free yourself from the constricting thoughts of your ‘type’ of person the universe can surprise you. Who knows the person of your dreams even connected on an emotional as well as physical level might be just round the corner.

3. Make sure that you love yourself. People who do not love themselves and see themselves in a negative light are likely to attract similar people. So if you want to steer clear of the kind of people that will suck any positivity out of you it is important to treat yourself well.

4. Love and treat other people the way you want to be loved and treated. This is one of the Law of Attraction relationships tips that cannot be too strongly emphasised. By doing this you will create alignment with others and this will help to strengthen and improve your relationships.

5. Don’t be afraid to let go of anything that is not working for you and this includes relationships. If something doesn’t feel good then it is not good for you. Remove anything from your life that is not working for you and the universe will fill that void when you follow the Law of Attraction relationships tips.

5 Relationships Tips to Succeed in Dating


Having trouble dating? Not getting the results you want? Need a motivator to get you back on the market? Here are 5 quick and easy to follow relationship tips that will get you back to finding the perfect relationship in no time.

One of the most important relationship tips is not to exaggerate, lie or say things to impress your date. This will come back to bite you in the near future. If a girl is not impressed with who you are and what you have to offer, your best bet is to avoid a second date with that person. It doesn’t matter how pretty she is or how badly you desire her, you cannot have a successful relationship with this type of person.

Do not get frustrated after unsuccessful dates. Keep in mind there are a million girls but only a few that are compatible with you. Dating is like screening. You must realize that you will be dating a number of different women until you find one that you mesh with.

Don’t talk about your past relationships. This may be an one of the more obvious relationship tips, but it occurs on a regular basis. No one intends to talk about their ex girlfriend, but what happens is you start talking about a topic, say the Lakers game, and your memory and conversation regarding the game was when you went with your ex for her birthday. Leave that information out. She can find that out later when you have built a foundation for a relationship.

Keep the conversation alive. Don’t talk about yourself the entire time, ask questions. Be engaged in what the topic is. Control the conversation by keeping it fun, light and interesting. If you are extremely interested in your date, avoid divulging how much you want a relationship. Just make it clear that they are intriguing and you are eager to see her more.

Make the date unique and unforgettable. A simple dinner and a movie are traditional and there is certainly a time and place for that, but the best relationship tips are ones that set you apart from the others. Make the first date at the zoo, a baseball game, a museum anything that can be entertaining, offer for good and easy conversation and this alone will capture her attention. If you want to take her for food, try something new and interesting. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant.

Most women have seen the same dating scenarios and are looking for spice in their life. Bring that spice with these 5 relationship tips and you are sure to find that spark in your life.

9 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Is your relationship going downhill? Maintaining a relationship is not easy and most couples encounter a few bumps along the road to a lasting relationship. If not recognized earlier, these bumps could push couples to take the relationship to the wrong direction leading to break-ups or divorce. It is important to recognize these relationship killers ahead of time to avoid further damage. There are reasons why relationships fail and once these reasons are recognized ahead of time, you’ll have a better chance of saving your troubled relationship. Although no one can enumerate all the reasons why relationships fail, we have listed here the top reasons. So what are these relationship killers?

Poor or lack of communication. One way to connect with each other is for couples to have a strong and regular communication. Couples tend to drift apart due to poor or lack of communication. Many relation problems start with lack of communication. Assuming that you know what your partner or spouse is thinking is dangerous to your relationship. Misunderstandings and arguments are often the result of not communicating with your spouse or partner. If this is happening in your relationship then you should know that this is one of the reasons why relationships fail and you have to do something to improve the communication in your relationship.

Not supportive with each other’s goals, ambitions and careers. One of the reasons why relationships fail is the issues with careers and ambitions between couples. When two people in a relationship have different goals and ambitions and cannot compromise or support each other, the relationship may suffer in the end. It is given that two people naturally have different ambitions and careers to pursue but in a relationship, it is best to support each other’s interest or careers to avoid strain in the relationship. It is easier to make the relationship work with a partner or spouse who believes and supports their spouse’s or partner’s career. If 100% understanding, acceptance and support is not possible, at least a partner or spouse should be open to compromise and willing to find a work around to make both their careers and relationship work. Sacrifices and compromise is inevitable. Of course, both should know how to balance their careers with their love life. It is easier said than done but it is not impossible. There are couples who are both successful in their careers at the same time lead a happy and strong relationship.

Not getting along with your partner’s friends and family. One of the reasons why relationships fail is the conflict with people closest to your spouse or partner. Let’s face it, the world does not revolve around you and your partner alone. There are people around you like friends and families that both you and your partner cannot live without. Not getting along with people closest to your partner can put a strain in your relationship. A situation where you and your partner’s mother or best friend can’t see each other eye to eye or can’t stay in the same room can be really stressful in the relationship. Holiday dinners and family gatherings can be difficult if you are not in good terms with your spouse’s family and friends. If you want to create a long-lasting relationship with your partner, it is best to get along with people important to him or her.

Life’s issues and baggage. There are life’s baggage and issues when brought to a relationship can cause damage. A lingering ex can ignite jealousy, suspicion and distrust that can put a strain in your current relationship, so it is best to be clear with your ex that everything is already in the past and that you are serious with your current relationship. Comparing your current relationship with your previous relationships is also dangerous and damaging to your relationship. Children and issues from previous marriage can be challenging and can also affect your relationship so it important to know how to handle these things and make your current relationship work. One of the reasons why relationships fail is the failure to deal with your life’s issues and baggage.

Money issues. Financial issues is one of the reasons why relationships fail. If not addressed properly, money issues can kill your relationship. The stress brought by financial woes and struggles can eventually ruin a relationship. People or couples stressed with financial issues can become irritable, irrational, hostile and cold with their spouse or partner and these behaviors can slowly kill a relationship. It is best to be honest from the start about your financial status, be open to discuss each other’s spending habits, money sharing and expenses. With effective and open-minded communication, strategies and compromise about money, a financially challenged couple can work things out and can save their marriage.

Infidelity. Keeping a relationship between two people is hard enough but involving a third party or cheating a partner is a bomb that can instantly kill a relationship. Infidelity is the ultimate relationship destroyer and some relationships won’t be able to survive this. Betraying the trust of your partner is one of the top reasons why relationships fail. The feeling of being replaced or being betrayed is not easy to cope with and so the betrayed spouse or partner often walk out of the relationship. Although there are couples who were able to survive cheating and make the relationship work again, it is best to not to commit infidelity in the first place if you want a long-lasting relationship.

Disgusting behaviors and habits. Although it is true that loving someone includes accepting all his or her flaws, in reality there are habits that can become annoying over time and can push your partner to wake up one day and realize he or she wants to get out of the relationship. Even simple things like not putting back the toothpaste cap, not making the bed, not putting the soiled laundry in the laundry bin or leaving dirty shoes and socks around the house can be magnified if things are not going well in your relationship and these can trigger your partner to finally end the relationship. Nagging, being a war freak, fighting in public, humiliating your spouse or partner, name calling or cursing when arguing, holding on grudges, hitting your spouse or partner when you are angry, throwing things when arguing, too much or unreasonable jealousy, avoiding discussions about the issues in your relationship, lying or being dishonest with your spouse or partner are some of the bad behaviors that can damage a relationship and could lead to break-ups or divorce. Being in a relationship should teach couples to be better people and not become worse so it is better to change for the better to create a strong relationship than acquire unfavorable habits or behaviors that can eventually damage your relationship.

Things in your relationship becomes a routine. The fire and excitement in the relationship could die because you became too comfortable or complacent with each other that things become more of a routine than an act of love. You become more like siblings or friends than lovers. Being too comfortable with each other takes away the excitement and the romance in the relationship and it makes the relationship boring and a routine. When couples do the same things together over and over again, they stopped growing as an individual and as a partner. Break the routine and spice up your relationship. There are things and interests that you can do separately to grow as a person and there are things that you can do together to bond with each other. It is important to allow your spouse or partner to have his or her own space to do his or her own thing or enjoy the company of his or her friends but it is also important to have time alone with each other through regular dates or vacations to bond with each other and create new and exciting memories.

Lack of intimacy and sex. Life can become too busy and complicated that couples may end up too busy or stressed for intimacy or sex which is not a good thing in a relationship. Couples need to connect intimately emotionally and physically and the best thing to do it is through sex. Sex could dry up in a long-term relationship and couples tend to have less sex through the years. Couples should prevent this from happening. Lack of intimacy or sexual dissatisfaction is one of the reasons why relationships fail. When couples stop having sex, they tend to get disconnected and detached from each other and they become susceptible to infidelity. It is best for couples to maintain an active sex life to keep the connection and make the relationship more alive and exciting. Although it is important to maintain an intimate connection with your partner through regular sex, couples should know that it is not good to put pressure on your spouse or partner to engage in frequent sex. You don’t have to have sex everyday but there are studies saying that having regular sex once a week is ideal and enough to maintain that intimate connection between couples. There are many hindrances to accomplish this like stress at work, stress in everyday life, taking care of the children and the state where you are not in the mood for sex but like any other issue in your relationship, the frequency and timing of having sex should be discussed and planned. Intimate connection through sex is vital in every romantic relationship and when couples are not having enough connection through sex, they have to do something to fix this problem to save the relationship.

How to Find Relationship Tips

if you and a loved one are having a few issues, but no major problems, there’s a variety of different relationship tips that can be very helpful to increase the joy in your relationship. When it comes to relationships it takes two people, there is no one single entity that can make or break a relationship. Therefore it’s important that both of you understand that it takes two to tango, two to make a relationship successful.

When most people are looking for relationship help, their number one complaint is that the partner doesn’t listen to them. This is a common problem, we all get caught up in our own little world, and forget to sit down and really hear our partner. It’s important to understand that communication is what makes a relationship and both parties must be able to communicate effectively. If one partner is not good at communicating it can cause problems for the other partner. If you’re one of those people who are having trouble communicating with your partner, it’s time to look for a few listening tips for relationship health. You’ll find a wide variety on the Internet on how to slow down and start listening better. As soon as you start listening to your partner a bit better, there’s a good chance they’re going to start listening to you as well.

Of course there are all kinds of other types a relationship problems and a variety of relationship tips that can help. Use keywords in your search term and you’re bound to find a variety of different ideas in order to solve your relationship problems. You’ll find everything from e-books, to online counselors that can help you with relationship problems.

Before hiring any type of counsel you need to make sure that they have some basic beliefs that are the same as yours. You also must go comfortable talking to them, discussing intimate details, and feel that they will keep your confidence. Just about anybody can call themselves a counselor, make sure you thoroughly research your relationship counselor and make sure that you’re going to be safe and comfortable..

The same can be said for written relationship help, you want to make sure that it makes sense. Anyone can make suggestions as to your relationship, use your head, make sure makes common sense and it to understand the reason for the tip and how it can help.

Believe it or not there is no perfect relationship, no perfect man, no perfect woman, and no perfect partnership. Most partners at one time or another do need a little bit of advice, use your Internet and you can find a variety of different types of relationship tips.

Love and Relationship Tips

Are you looking for relationship tips? People have been making the same mistakes when it comes to forming relationships for years, despite the strides women have made in the workplace as well as the rest of the world. Relationship tips have not changed much through the years, although they are rarely followed.

Here are some tried and true relationship tips that will keep your relationships in full bloom:

Have outside interests other than the relationship

If you center your entire world around the relationship, chances are that you will become more clingy and needy as the relationship becomes the center of your world. For this reason, you should have other interests other than the relationship that make you happy. These can include interests such as hobbies or even other activities. You will be a much more interesting person if you have outside interests and do not revolve your life around another person.

Do not try to own the other person

No one likes someone who will cling to them and try to make them account for their every move. No one likes someone who is jealous of their friends or accuses them of liking other people. No one likes someone who will make them the center of their world and accountable for all of their happiness. People are attracted to others who are self confident. In order to be attractive to another person, follow one of the best relationship tips that you will ever get and never try to take ownership of the other person.

Leave the baggage at the door

Unless this is your first relationship, you have other relationships under your belt. Do not think that just because one person cheated on you or did you wrong that the rest of man or woman kind has to pay for that mistake and will also do the same thing. Everyone who has been hurt in a prior relationship, which pretty much encompasses most of the dating public, will have baggage. Leave your baggage at the door when you are starting a new relationship.


If you have a problem with the other person in the relationship, communicate it with them. Do not wait until the problem grows to the point where the relationship is severely damaged. You should be honest and open with someone with whom you are involved in a relationship. One of the best relationship tips that you can receive is to be sure to engage in open communication with someone with whom you are involved in a relationship. Tell them if something bothers you and be honest about your feelings.

Honesty is best

Honesty is essential for a true relationship with anyone. Be honest in your feelings and your expectations in the relationship. A lack of honesty means that you really don’t have a relationship at all. Honesty can sometimes hurt and may be painful for someone to have to employ, but it really is the best policy when it comes to any sort of relationship.

Three Relationship Tips for Small Business

We all know that most small businesses don’t make it past four years. So you have started your business and not gone bust! Well done.

But after survival phase, you need to find a way to manage growth of your business. Growth is more likely to follow relationships, than sales. So here are three relationship tips that are worth thinking about:

  1. Customers. Build relationships with your customers, even if they are not your biggest ones. This takes time, but need not be expensive. You don’t need to take them out to lunch, or send little gifts with your business name on. A quick unexpected phone call, a personalised email, or some timely information can be very effective. Be clear that you want a business relationship. Always talk about them first, ask a question, try and find out at least one thing you did not know before and don’t be afraid to ask directly for a referral. But most importantly, know their history! Make sure you know what business you have previously done with them, how long they have been a customer, keep phone notes, emails and other communications handy and part of your customer records. If you can demonstrate that you know your clients, they will respect you for it. It is clear that if people respect you, they will remember you and refer you.

  1. Your team. Your team are both your frontline brand and the key to efficiency! It is much harder to find and develop good staff, than it is to keep the good staff you already have. So how do you develop good relationships with your staff? Empathy, good humour and patience are probably most important. Remember that everyone is not like you (probably a good thing), and learn to appreciate and leverage the relative strengths in your team members. But equally important is to stay organised and clear in your communications. Most people don’t mind being asked to do things at work, as long as the process and instruction is clear and the outcome is recognised. Setting up simple workflow will help to keep people organised. Providing all team members with clear instructions, and a simple interface to report on outcomes will help keep everyone happy and will also help you manage those situations where things don’t go according to plan!

  1. Yourself and your family. Running a business is hard work and almost always eats into your personal time. This is normal and acceptable, as long as you love being in business in the first place. But always remember why you have gone into business and what you want in your life when you have sold the business or retired. Ultimately your business should work for you, not the other way around. If you do not have good systems in place that automate your workflow, keep your records in place and keep finances under control, then you will waste a lot of time chasing your tail. Typically this is the time that eats into your personal life. So if you care about yourself, support yourself with systems that free up your time.

Ke eping Communication Open

Although some of these tips may focus on holiday seasons, there is nothing to say that you cannot use them year-around! Learn how to connect, minimize mind-reading and become more receptive to giving and receiving love to and from your partner.

Tip #1:Evaluating the Year Thus Far

You probably set some New Year’s Resolutions for 2007. How are you doing with them thus far? They are only as successful as you want them to be. Many focus on wealth, weight or career, but what about love? What would you like to do differently with your relationship? More quality time? Less conflict? More passion? It’s easy to say, “I’ll start tomorrow!” Why wait until tomorrow! Now is the time to take action!

Each day, take 5-10 minutes doing something for each other that requires no expectations in return. Write a quick note letting your partner know how much you care for them. Turn off the T.V. to show that you’re paying attention to each other. Whatever you choose to do, taking 10 minutes out of your hectic day to connect with your partner can make all the difference to your relationship!

Tip #2:Love is…..

It is interesting how we focus on specific holidays to show our love for our partners. February is the month of love. It’s fascinating how everyone goes all out to demonstrate their love for one another: chocolates, cards, candy, flowers, jewelry…….It’s all nice, but love needs to be shared 365 days a year (366 if it’s Leap Year!). Love can be expressed in many ways. How do you express love to your partner? Is it the type of love your partner needs? Some people like gifts, other like hugs, and even others prefer help with the daily routines.

An open discussion between you and your partner can uncover if the type of love you give is actually what your partner needs and vice versa. Understanding how your partner appreciates you will allow you to respond appropriately, resulting in an increased connection and less feeling unappreciated.

Remember love is……….year around! And it gives so much in return!!!

Tip #3: Admit How you “Feel”

All too often, I hear that admitting feelings is a sign of weakness. Let’s look at this from another perspective. Think how empowering it could be to tell another person exactly where you’re coming from without doubt, uncertainty, or room for misinterpretation?

One way to express yourself is to use “I feel” sentences. When you want to let your partner know about your reaction to something they do or say, respond by stating, “I feel…..” and insert an emotion. Do not use, “I feel that you…..” as this will be construed as blame. Instead, say “I feel , because .”

For example, “I’m feeling hurt because I was hoping we could spend more time together.”

As you can see, the word “YOU” was not included and you’re ability to stand up for yourself emotionally and with conviction is clear. It may feel funny to talk this way at first, but if you continue to practice, it’ll begin to feel natural and even….empowering!!!!

Tip #4: Playing the Ping-Pong Game

Have you experienced a situation similar to this?

Maybe your partner doesn’t pay attention to you like they used to. You’ve grown resentful, so you’ve stopped doing something that you used to (whether consciously or not). As a result, they continue to withhold that attention from you (again consciously or not). And so it goes, the “ping-pong game.”

What does it take to end the game? This is one game that isn’t meant to be “won,” but ended. To end the game, take the first step…talk about the game that the 2 of you are in and talk about what each of you need to end the game….then both of you DO IT!!! This refers to the little things that go a long way, like appreciating one another, showing affection, or spending time together.

This does not refer to compromising so much of yourself that you’ll be resentful. It does refer to ending the trivial issues that have consumed your relationship.

Tip #5: Do you have ESP??

How often have you or your partner started a sentence with, “I know what you’re thinking/feeling?” How do you know? Do you have ESP? Do you have the ability to read your partner’s mind? While the obvious answer is “No, of course not,” it’s real easy to ASSUME what our partners are thinking and/or feeling. However, assuming is dangerous. Assuming is based on our own perceptions of the situation and our own biases, not necessarily the same perceptions of our partner.

So how do you overcome the ESP syndrome? If you have an inkling of what your partner may be thinking, stop and check it out with your partner. It’s amazing to see how often your perceptions may not equate to your partner’s thoughts and/or feelings.

Leave the ESP to psychics…they aren’t much better in their own predictions.

How to Save My Relationship

“How will I save my relationship? How will I make him fall for me all over again?” You have probably come across these questions. Handling a relationship is never easy. As the years grow longer, disagreements and quarrels become inevitable. A troubled relationship can drive you mad, disturb your thoughts, and pin you down from living a gratifying life. In fact, many of the relationships become bitter and end in painful break ups because no attempts have been made to save it. Rescuing a relationship can be an off-putting undertaking. It requires you patch up those little cracks and retrieve all the passion and trust that were wasted away. Many believe that in order for a relationship to become steady and long-term the couples must feel the excitement that they have felt at the start and once you have lost that thrill there is no way to build your relationship all over again. They don’t recognize that a good relationship is not merely about fascination; it is about the respect and mutual affection that exist between couples. Since clashes in relationships can happen all the time, saving your relationship is the toughest thing you will ever go through in life. Apart from that, a troubled relationship occurs because of so many reasons. But whatever the reason is, it’s important to talk about the conflicts and recognize the root cause of why your relationship is troubled. And take a few minutes out of your time to read a list of how to save my relationship tips.

“How will I save my relationship?” There are several things you can do rescue your relationship. Assess yourself. If you don’t, then saving your relationship will not be possible. So when you are really committed to making everything better, be honest with yourself. All relationship issues happen because something in the relationship went wrong and you can’t fix it up if you will not work hard to find out what was wrong. So if you are asking, “How will I save my relationship?” you should be wholehearted in admitting your shortcomings and learn from them. Oftentimes troubles in a relationship occur because one or both partners are taking control over the other’s life. Realize that your partner is a separate personality and is not something that you own so don’t push him or her to do what you want all the time. In some instances, relationship issues stem from insecurities. At times, you feel unsure of yourself and you expect your partner to feel the same things about you. When things don’t go the way you want you nag over your partner’s feelings although he or she is not guilty of any mistake. On the other hand, you may not be the cause of that break up and perhaps it was your partner who did something that breaks your trust. It might take time to heal the conflicts that have led your relationship to a rocky situation, but being optimistic and considerate can make the process easier for you.

When you think that everything in your relationship is getting worse, don’t just shrug off or cry hard over it, and ask, “How will I save my relationship?” Not doing anything won’t help you overcome your worries. Take a seat and talk through the things that you want to fix up. It is always important that you maintain a positive communication. However, don’t push too hard when you want to save your relationship. Don’t insist on getting something back if is not possible at all or if the person is not really the ideal one for you. The thing is the perfect person will come into your life the least you expect it.